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Who are the Democrats of Rossmoor?

The Democrats of Rossmoor Club was established in 1966. Chartered by the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County, we are one of the largest Democratic clubs in California. 

We come together as a group to maximize our political effectiveness in support of Democratic ideals. We are an activist, non-PAC organization committed to:

  • Educating ourselves through guest-speaker programs, workshops, town halls, film and book clubs, and frequent communications. 
  • Mobilizing in support of local, state, and national Democratic candidates through get-out-the-vote activities, including voter registration, phone and text banking, letter- and postcard writing, and door-to-door canvassing. We also endorse and promote legislation.
  • Supporting programs that further Democratic principles, including projects to support public education, voter registration, and political activism.
  • Offering forums for members to study issues, share ideas, and gather for fun and fellowship

Our club thrives because members discover personal and social satisfaction working with other capable Democrats to support causes and candidates.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

We envision a Democratic President and Democratic Party majorities in the House and Senate, and the successful enactment of Democratic Party principles at every level of government.

Our Mission:

Education: To bring to light important political and societal issues, and to communicate and discuss a range of Democratic solutions.

Action: To channel our knowledge into political action. To be a significant force in winning votes for Democratic candidates and legislation, locally, statewide, and nationally, in support of our nation’s democratic principles.

Our Priorities

Normally, Democrats of Rossmoor members determine club priorities in the spring of each year.  But 2024 is not a “normal” year. Club members gathered in March to identify the major issues that will influence voters in this critical 2024 election. We brainstormed influential messaging, talking points or areas to address from the Biden/Harris Administration perspective for each of the key issue areas below, listed in priority order:

  • Threat to democracy and freedoms if Trump is elected
  • Must pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act
  • Combatting/correcting disinformation
  • Reach out to Undecideds, Independents, Swing States, Republicans that are not MAGA, Nikki Haley supporters
  • Recruit younger voters, those turning 18 by November

  • Codifying into law all health and reproductive decisions controlled by women and their doctors
  • Need Democrats in Senate, House and Whitehouse
  • Women of our generation to partner with women of reproductive age
  • Reproductive rights are human rights

  • Inflation Reduction Act – 10-year plan with discounts for low/ moderate income households for home efficiency, and tax credits for EVs
  • Clean energy, agriculture and moratorium on gas drilling
  • Funding for clean water, protection for National Parks
  • Research on sea levels rising

  • Immigrants add to the U.S. economy, including those with less than a high school degree, provide enormous fiscal benefits and a significant subsidy to U.S. taxpayers. After billions of dollars in required taxes, immigrants have funds to purchase goods and services that stimulate local business activity
  • Many migrants are essential workers sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, food production, construction and logistics
  • Both documented and undocumented individuals bring diverse cultural perspectives, enrich American society, and are less likely to be incarcerated in prisons, convicted of crimes, or arrested than native-born Americans, including Fentanyl drug traffickers

  • President Biden mobilized the Allies because of depth of experience in diplomacy
  • Supports Ukraine (benefits our economy) to fight Russian aggression
  • Negotiating agreement in middle east for common ground where both Israel and Palestine exist (Trump says Israel should “finish” the job)
  • Gathers smart and capable people as advisors, and listens to them

  • The American Rescue Plan (Covid relief/shots in arms)
  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to rebuild nations’ water, road, transit and broadband systems to grow our economy
  • Promoted $15 minimum wage for Federal workers
  • Reduced supply chain challenges, reduced energy and healthcare costs
  • Reduced credit card late fees
  • Provided Student loan debt relief
  • 3.1% economic growth in Biden’s tenure (Trump was 2.5%)
  • Making everyone pay their fair share in taxes

  • Biden cares for the middle class, union workers and all of us
  • Promoting economic mobility and education and training
  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare
  • Lowering drug prices
  • Ensuring access to Healthcare
  • Address income equality via Child Tax Credits

(those of color, LGBTQ+, and with disabilities)

  • Inflation Reduction Act (Medicare to negotiate drug cost, Caps insulin cost at $35/month, unemployment at all time low, funding head start programs, and summer tutoring programs
  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, targeting marginalized communities: lead pipe removal, high speed internet to rural communities, investment in tribal communities and lands   
  • Respect for Marriage Act, Protects Interracial Marriage and for LGBTQ+
  • Chips and Science Act, creates new jobs with a living wage that does not require a college degree 
  • Executive Orders protecting reproductive rights
  • Historic Student Debt Relief
  • Supports the rights of transgender youth
  • Stands against book banning

  • The FBI released data showing a widespread decline in crime nationally last year.
  • There was a 13 percent decline in murder in 2023 relative to 2022
  • 6 percent decline in reported violent crime
  • 4 percent decline in reported property crime

  • Executive Actions: Directing Department of Justice to regulate the sale of “ghost guns”, strengthen regulations on stabilizing braces, which turn pistols into rifles
  • Issuing model for “red flag” laws, which enable family or law enforcement to temporarily remove firearms from individuals deemed to be a danger
  • Annual report on firearms trafficking, to address the flow of illegal firearms
  • Advocacy for Legislative action on gun control measures, advocating for universal background checks for all gun sales, supporting a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Encouraging repeal of law (PLCAA), which shields gun manufacturers and sellers from liability in most cases where their products are used to commit crimes

Click on each topic to review key messages you can use to engage your family and friends as well as convincing undecided voters.

2023 Priorities were similar to the 2024 “hot” topics and are listed below in priority order:

  1. Climate Change and Environmental Justice 
  2. Voting Rights 
  3. Racial Justice and Equity
  4. Gun Control
  5. Reproductive Rights 
  6. Public Education 
  7. Health, Medicare and Social Security 
  8. Housing

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