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Democracy is not a spectator sport

The Democrats of Rossmoor work at the local, state and national levels to ensure that our precious democracy will survive!

Democrats of Rossmoor Make a Difference!

The Democrats of Rossmoor were dubbed the “Iowa Caucuses” of northern California by Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle Senior Political Writer. Democratic candidates know that the endorsement of the Democrats of Rossmoor will help them win!

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Whatever your political interest, the Democrats of Rossmoor have a place for you. From writing, calling, knocking on doors, or helping at events, getting involved with like-minded community members is easy and rewarding.

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What makes the DOR different

As one of the largest political clubs in California, we attract amazing speakers and provide our members with an engaging experience in keeping democracy alive and well!

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If you are interested in local, state, or national politics, join us today. Becoming a member is easy. You don’t have to be a resident of Rossmoor to join, all are welcome.

Hope for Peace in Israel and Gaza

We are anguished over the situation in the middle east, recognizing the humanity of all involved. Our hope is for security and justice for both the Israeli people and the Palestinian people, and peace in Israel and Gaza. We also decry the wave of antisemitism and actions against the Muslim community in our country and around the world. We must stay strong in our hope that peace will prevail.


Do you have questions about which candidates to support? What ballot propositions mean?

The Democrats of Rossmoor provide you with information about endorsed candidates, ballot propositions and other critical issues. We gather information from vaious sources including the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County, the California Democratic Party, the League of Women Voters and other trusted sources.

Have questions about voting?

The most important action you can take to keep democracy safe is to vote. If you have questions about your voting location, registration process, or address update, the Democrats of Rossmoor is here to help. Explore our voter information page to get started. If you’re interested in a yard or window sign or wish to contact your elected representative, we have resources for that.

Upcoming Events

The Democrats of Rossmoor sponsor a wide variety of events with something that will interest everyone! DOR Club Events are open to everyone unless otherwise noted on the calendar. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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