About Our Committees

Our committees provide a foundation for the programs and activities that we support. If you are interested in engaging with the Democrats of Rossmoor, please consider joining one of our committees. Check in with the committee contact if you want to attend a meeting or are interested in getting involved.

Book Group

Hosts engaging and lively discussions on books of special interest to Democrats and others. Check the calendar for the book title. 

Contact: Gary Horpedahl

Campaigns Committee

Identifies and follows Democratic candidates for important local, state, and federal offices, tracks their progress and recommends activities to help them win. Organizes post-carding, phone-banking, canvassing and out-of-area voter registration activities.

Contact: Rose Holmes
When: Second Friday at 10 a.m.
Where: Via Zoom

Communications Committee

Informs members about club activities and vital political information though our email Weekly Update, and our Democrats of Rossmoor website. Also writes press releases for the Rossmoor News.

Contact: Linda Walonen (Weekly Update; Publicity) and Marcia Karasoff (Website)

Film Series

Presents a monthly film focusing on issues of interest to Democrats, including environmental issues, healthcare reform, energy policy, taxation, education policies, and more. 

Contact: Lynne Thorner

Hospitality Committee

Organizes hospitality for general membership meetings, monthly social meetings, and other events.

Contact: Diana Doughtie

Issues Committee

Researches and recommends Board and/or club endorsement of legislation, regulations, and initiatives locally, state-wide, and nationally, according to club priorities.

Contact: Mary Taylor
When: Third Friday at 11 a.m.
Where: Via Zoom

Membership Committee

Recruits and welcomes new members. Maintains member contact information and online membership system. Members attend regular meetings to facilitate membership registration and questions.

Contact: Joyce Brock

Rossmoor News Progressive View

This is a column that appears in the monthly Rossmoor News. It is written by progressives who wish to express their opinions on issues of local, national, and international concerns. The opinions expressed in the Progressive View column are those of the writer and are not associated with the Democrats of Rossmoor. We are always seeking writers who are interested in submitting columns.

Contact: Katha Hartley

Speakers Committee

Schedules speakers, subject matter experts, candidates, and public officials for programs for General Meetings and TGWDs.

Contact: Katha Hartley
When: Third Thursday at 2 p.m.
Where: Committee members are notified of location

Trinity Center Committee

Works to inform and raise funds for our designated charity, Trinity Center, which serves our homeless Walnut Creek neighbors.

Contact: Joyce Brock
When: First Thursday at 4 p.m.
Where: Multi-Purpose Room 1 at Gateway Plaza

Voter Registration Team

Provides training and supplies and matches pairs of volunteers to register voters. May provide information about our endorsed candidates and issues. Choose dates that work for you.

Contact: Carol Weed
When: Throughout the year, especially in months prior to elections
Where: Farmers markets, retirement homes, rallies, marches and public events in Contra Costa County.