Endorsed candidates for 2024

The process for the Democrats of Rossmoor (DoR) candidate endorsements is described in Article XI of the By-Laws.

Current Endorsements Include:

The Democrats of Rossmoor endorsed both Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan. We are proud to support these incumbents.

The DoR has a policy of not endorsing a candidate when two democrats are running for the same single office. Thus, we have not taken a position on the candidacy of either Marisol Rubio or Tim Grayson.

Candidates for City Council and School Boards will be on the November ballot.

Endorsed legislation

The Board of the Democrats of Rossmoor has endorsed each of the bills listed below. Check out the LegInfo details for the legislation. This legislation aligns with the priorities that have been chosen by members.

Bill # (author)IssueStatus
AB 6 (Friedman)Bring transport spending in alignment with Climate goalsIn the Senate
AB 591 (Gabriel)Universal EV Charging Connectors In the Senate
AB 1034 (Wilson)Downloading of data from officer body camerasIn the Senate
AB 1042 (RBK)Ban bee-killing pesticide use on seedsIn the Senate
AB 1266 (Kalra)Stop jail time for minor citationsIn the Senate
AB 2401 (Ting)Clean Cars 4 All Program
In the Senate
AB 3062 (Bauer-Kahan)Requires utilities to notify local fire departments before performing hot workIn the Senate
AB 3089 (Jones-Sawyer et al)Formal apology for chattel slaveryIn the Senate
AB 3131 (McCarty)
Gives priority to applicants from historically redlined communities for certain technical education grantsIn the Senate
SB 50 (Bradford)Forbids peace officer from stopping a vehicle for minor In the Assembly infraction (eg single taillight); send citation insteadIn the Assembly
SB 94 (Cortese)Resentencing option, after 25 years in custody, for mitigating circumstances not in the law prior to 1990In the Assembly
SB 278 (Dodd)Financial Elder AbuseIn the Assembly
SB 414 (Allen)Hydrogen Applications AssessmentIn the Assembly

SB 511 (Blakespear)
GHG Emissions Inventory by CARB by for all jurisdictionsIn the Assembly
SB 674 (Gonzalez)Refinery-related fence-line air pollution monitoring systemsIn the Assembly
SB 707 (Newman)Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2024In the Assembly
SB 1050 (Bradford)Compensate those whose property was taken due to racially motivated eminent domainIn the Assembly
SB 1331 (Bradford)Fund for Reparations and Reparative JusticeIn the Assembly
SB 1403 (Bradford)California America Freedmen Affairs AgencyIn the Assembly
SB 1420 (Caballero)Hydrogen, not green – OPPOSEIn the Assembly
HR 3777 (Rouzer)Disaster Assistance Fairness ActIn the House

The DoR procedure for endorsing propositions, measures, and legislation starts with vetting by the DoR Issues Committee, their vote on whether to endorse, and then a recommendation to the whole board. The goal is to promote legislation that aligns with the club’s priorities set each year. The board may then add its endorsement with a simple majority vote. In some matters, the board may ask for an endorsement by all the club members. Lobbying for endorsed issues  takes various forms: action alerts to members to call or write decision makers, newspaper articles, office visits, joining statewide or local campaigns, etc.

We welcome more volunteers to join the Issues Committee.

Bill # (author)Issue
AB 28 (Gabriel)Tax on firearms for gun violence prevention education  
AB 363 (Bauer-Kahan)Ban bee-killing pesticides in gardening/landscape use
AB 421 (Bryan)Ballot referendum reform
AB 579 (Ting)School bus sales, zero emissions by 2035
SB 244 (Eggman)Right to repair: electronics and appliances
SB 253 (Wiener)Corporate greenhouse gas data
SB 261 (Stern)Corporate climate risk disclosure

Bill # (author)Issue
AJR 4 (Schiavo)Medicare: End ACO REACH model
SJR 2 (Gonzalez)Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Statewide Propositions

Proposition 1
Behavioral Health Services Program and Bond Measure, March 2024

Endorsed by the California Democratic Party, November 2023

Endorsed by the Democrats of Rossmoor, January 2024

Approved by voters, March 2024