TGWD: Members help set our 2024 priorities

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This year it is ALL HANDS ON DECK to save our Democracy!!

On Thursday, March 14th at 4:00pm, Mary Taylor, Democrats of Rossmoor Issues Committee Chairperson, will lead Democrats in priority setting for this all important election year at Thank Goodness We’re Democrats in the Fireside Room!  This interactive and engaging event will identify priorities we believe will impact the presidential election and equip members to be able to address them.

We will begin with discussions at tables where attendees identify what they believe to be the top issues that will decide this election.

The tables will share their output, and then all attendees will rank order issues by voting on their personal top issues.

Attendees will then select one issue of great importance to them, join the table/team focused on that issue to drill down and develop statements of support of the Biden Administration accomplishments, as well as identifying any plans for future action on that issue. 

To help in development of the statements, in addition to utilizing Biden/Harris and DNC websites, Board members will be present on each table/team to show how simple it is to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and address potential issues.  Members should also feel free to bring resources they believe will be valuable.

Each table/team will report on their statements and information developed, which will be available on the DoR website.

Bring snacks to share and come for a great evening!