A full list of all of our organizational meetings is also available.

Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to be a member of the Democrats of Rossmoor Club to attend our functions.


March 14, Thursday — TGWD: strategic planning

4:30 p.m. at the Creekside Club Room

Please bring snacks to share; wine will be available for a $5 donation.

The March 14 meeting will be a strategic planning event held in the Club Room and will include a few representatives from other clubs. We will use the Newsome Budget and Flip Charts to provide and visualize aligning the flow of each level being worked on, including a vote on DoR priorities and CA Democratic priorities.

March 28, Thursday — General Meeting

6 p.m. social/town hall; 7 p.m. speaker at the Event Center
Speaker: Paul Burgarino, Community Education and Engagement Specialist for the Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters (CCC_voting)

Mr. Burgarino’s topic for his March 28 speech will be “Why We’re Not Florida!  Our Votes Are Counted.” His topic timely and important. California is implementing new voting technology.

During election campaigns, Americans are told over and over that every vote counts. Voters in some parts of the country have not found that to be the case. News reports following the election last November showed that in some parts of the country problems with voting result in accusations of “voter fraud."  Voters in Contra Costa County can rest assured that their votes ARE counted.

Early in 2018, the Registrar of Voters for Contra Costa County received permission from the Board of Supervisors to replace the old system which had been in use since 2005, with Dominion Voting’s Democracy Suite. It’s a paper ballot full digital scanning voting system. Using paper ballots, all voters fill in ovals next to their choice. Voters at polling places then insert their ballots into an ImageCast Evolution polling place scanner. Vote-by-mail ballots are tabulated at the Registrar’s office on the ImageCast Central scanner. With this equipment and system, voters can have confidence that votes are counted accurately and reliably. In addition to the scanners and tabulators, the Registrar also deploys an ImageCast X ballot marking device at every polling location.

The County Clerks count upwards of 450,000 votes in a county-wide election. Preparation starts in the weeks preceding the election and continues for weeks afterwards. The certified results must be sent to the California Secretary of State within 31 days of the election. Last month, the Contra Costa Elections Division received a national award from the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) for its efforts to improve voter accessibility.

The presentation on “Healthcare in Flux” by Sarah Hesketh will be rescheduled for later this year.

All Rossmoor residents are welcome to attend this event. For more information about this program contact Katha Hartley at  For more information about the Democrats of Rossmoor check our website  

April 1, Monday — Book Club

3 p.m. in Gateway Multipurpose Room 2

The April book will be The Truths We Hold: An American Journey by Kamala Harris.

April 8, Monday — Film: U.S. vs John Lennon

1 and 7 p.m. at Peacock Hall

U.S. vs John Lennon A documentary on the life of John Lennon, with a focus on the time in his life when he transformed from a musician into an antiwar activist.