Last Night Our Efforts Paid Off!


This is good news. This is good news for every American who values decency and sense over hate and divisiveness.  In race after race, in every election since Trump was elected, voters are standing up to Republicans and saying "No more." No more voter suppression. No more Obamacare repeal. No more restrictions on women’s right to choose. No more putting tax cuts for billionaires ahead of middle class families.

Over these past months, you may have wondered if it was really worth it to cold-call and text strangers in Virginia would ever add up to real results. 

Today, you have your answer. You are part of a powerful movement—and together we will continue to flip seats.

Here’s what we have to celebrate today:

  • In Virginia: 14+ flips in the Virginia House of Delegates. Danica Roem defeated self-proclaimed "chief homophobe" Bob Marshall and will become the first state legislator in the country to win as an out transgender candidate.
  • 2 new Democratic Governors were elected.
  • Washington & New Jersey flipped blue.
  • In Georgia: State Democrats flipped three GOP-held legislative seats, including breaking a Republican super-majority in the state Senate. 
  • In New Hampshire: Erika Connors became the fourth New Hampshire Democrat to flip a Republican seat blue in special elections this year.

Our excitement is matched only by our gratitude  THANK YOU to all our volunteers who called and texted these past 6 months. Special thank you to  Susan Lewis, Nancy Klein, and all our hosts who led weekly phone banks. 

Together we’ll keep making progress, and continue our grassroots effort. THANK YOU!

Commit to Flip Blue Steering Committee