Negative Branding

 "Online campaigns against brands have become one of the most powerful forces in business." ... "Brand-focused online activism can work for every political side, too." Read more in Farhad Manjoo's June 21 New York Times article by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.

It's possible that the article's messages are already being used systemically by national, state, and local Democrat organizations. If not ... ?

Republican Majority on the National Relations Board

From the Labor Be Damned Department: Trump fills two vacant seats on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), effecting a Republican majority on the Board which will disable Obama-era labor and union-formation protective policies. Read details in Noam Scheiber's June 20 New York Times article by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.

No Foreign Service for You!

Secretary of State Tillerson broke his promise to minority and women recruits. Read Josh Rogin's June 18 Washington Post article by clicking on the title above of the source URL below.

Trump Has No Strategy for HIV/AIDS

Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) unhappily resign because Trump has demonstrated no interest whatsoever in HIV/AIDS issues. Read details in Jacqueline Thomsen's June 17 article in The Hill.

No More Civil Rights Investigations by the DoE

Protecting civil rights for students at public schools and colleges? Per the Administration and particularly Betsy DeVos, it all takes too much time and too many Federal employees. Read Erica L. Green's June 16  New York Times article by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.

End of DAPA

The Administration has halted a rule (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans—DAPA) that protected undocumented immigrant parents of children who are American citizens. Read details in John Bowden's June 15 article in The Hill by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.

Education Department Freezes For-Profit Colleges Anti-Abuse Rules

The Secretary of the Education Department, enthusiastically chosen by Republicans and the guy who gave us Trump University, suspends rules intended to protect us from predatory, dishonest, for-profit colleges. For details, read Stacey Cowley's and Patricia Cohen's June 14 New York Times article by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.

Thanks to Write2Blue Participants


Thanks to the eleven members who showed up today to write post cards to every Republican senator. We asked the senators to have the COURAGE to put the American people and our health care needs ahead of partisan political agendas. The post cards are already in the mail and off to Washington, DC. We also added more thank you notes to our own Governor Brown for his work on behalf of the curbing climate change. If you would like to join us, please call Tricia at 925-954-7377. We meet every Wednesday from 4–6 p.m. in the Oak Room (card room) at Gateway. You can choose from the activities that interest you most. Hoping to grow the team!

Commit to Flip Blue: Flip CA 10th Congressional District

Commit to Flip Blue: Flip CA 10th Congressional District

Commit to Flip Blue is partnering with Working America to flip California’s 10th congressional district (California's 10th congressional district is a congressional district in California. Currently, the 10th district encompasses an area of the northern San Joaquin Valley held by Jeff Denham (R–Turlock)). We need your help to do it! 

Help Defeat the Republican Healthcare Bill!

Because the Senate hopes to vote on the Trump healthcare bill before July 4, we are alerting  the Democrats of Rossmoor.

As you may know the healthcare bill is now in the Senate where, by use of a tricky rule, the terms of the bill are being secretly negotiated without any planned committee hearings before the bill goes to the Senate floor. The New York Times reports that far fewer people are phoning Senators to protest the bill than were calling early in the year. Please help us remedy that!

The Message

The American Health Care Act—as created by the Republican leadership—will close down the healthcare exchanges which currently help the formerly uninsured to obtain insurance and thereby deny insurance to about 23 million people. It will exclude the mandate for fair pricing of coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions thus causing those folks to be priced out of the market.  It is slated to cut massive amounts of funding from the Medicaid budget; two thirds of which funds coverage for folks between 50 and 66 who do not yet qualify for Medicare. Use your own words to protest passage of the American Health Care Act.  

Who to call: we suggest calling a few of these people every day.  

  1. Please call tricky Mitch McConnell who engineered this rule change to avoid committee hearings. He is the person who will be leaning on Republican Senators to pass the bill.
  2. We have listed all the Republicans on the Health, Labor, and Pension Committee. Ask for the Senator’s legislative assistant if you call the DC office
  3. We have also included a link to the healthcare staffers who keep a record of pros and cons for each bill. Email/Facebook the link.

And if you can persuade friends or relatives in other states to phone, please do so.  There is some discussion about whether phoning out of state Congress people is effective, but they all keep track of the number of calls. We have not mentioned Kamala Harris because her office says she is already receiving 10,000 calls a day.

Please help inundate the Senate with calls to show that we do know what is happening and we do not approve! 

Senate Majority Leader
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 202. 224.2541, Louisville: 502.582.6304, Paducah: 270.442.4554

Republican members of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (Starred names are reputed to be the most likely to vote against the bill.)

  • *(Chair) Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) 202.224.4944; Chattanooga: 423.752.5337
  • Richard Burr (R-NC) 202.224.3154; Winston-Salem: 800.685.8916
  • Bill Cassidy (LA) 202-224-5824, Baton Rouge: 225-929-7711; Metairie: 504-838-0130
  • *Susan Collins (R-ME) 202.224.2523; Augusta: 207.622.8414
  • Michael Enzi (WY) 202-224-3424; Cody: 307-527-9444; Jackson: 307-739-9507
  • Orrin Hatch (R-UT) 202.224.525; Salt Lake City 801.524.4380
  • John Isakson, (R-GA) 202.224.3643; Atlanta: 770-661-0999
  • Rand Paul (KY) 202-224-4343; Bowling Green: 270-782-8303
  • *Lisa Murkowski (AK) 202-224-6665; Juneau:907-586-7277; Fairbanks:907-456-0233
  •  Pat Roberts (KS) 202-224-4774,;Topeka: 785-295-2745; Wichita: 316-263-0416
  • Tim Scott (SC) 202-224-6121; Midlands: 803-771-6112
  • Todd Young (IN) 202-224-5623; Indianapolis: 317-226-6700

Senatorial Healthcare Staff Members

24 Hours Later, Another Emoluments Lawsuit

Nearly 200 Congressional Democrats file suit against Trump for violations of the foreign emoluments clause. Read details in Tom Hamburger’s and Karen Tumulty’s June 14 Washington Post article by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.

Who Needs Better Nutrition Facts Labels?

The Trump FDA announced that they are in no hurry to update nutrition facts labels, which were scheduled to rollout in July 2018. Read details in Caitlin Dewey's June 13 Washington Post article by clicking on the title above or the source URL below.